When I found out how much Apple charged to replace the broken LCD Screen on my Macbook Pro, I was shocked. I also called a major retail store and got an estimate for a new LCD from them. Finally, I called Laptop Repair Carlsbad and asked them for their best price. They replaced the LCD Screen with a brand new screen and my Apple is once again shiny! I saved over $370 by taking my laptop to Laptop Repair Carlsbad.

- Alex S.
Marketing Specialist
San Diego

"I was really pleased with your service, everything went super smooth and I will refer Laptop Repair Carlsbad to anyone that may have a problem."

- Steve M.
San Diego

I was told that my data was going to be lost because my laptop had a virus and my data was corrupted. I was told that I would have to send the laptop to an expensive data recovery place. Fortunately, I came to you for a second opinion. All of my pictures and music are back, and I use the backup hard drive I bought to back up my data weekly.

- Erin
Physical Therapist

LRC fixed my Laptop LCD Screen for LESS THAN HALF of the price I was quoted by Sony.

- Jim
La Jolla

By far the best Laptop Repair Facility I have seen in terms of value, turnaround time, and convenience.

- Johnny W.

Great prices, fast service, and happy employees!

- Anita
La Jolla

Very affordable. I liked that the employees gave me the REAL price, with no hidden charges.

- Jorge

Very honest and nice employees. Thanks for the help with my Apple Macbook, Stephanie!

- Samantha

Laptop Repair Carlsbad removed my password in less than one day and only charged me $50.00. Other places wanted to charge me $200 and said that it would take almost two weeks.

- Greg

Very fast laptop repair and also friendly service.

- Simon
Landscape Designer
San Diego

I dropped off my laptop, then went shopping at Ralph's. Before I had finished, Sanford called to tell me that he fixed it!

- Jenni
Account Manager
La Costa

Only Laptop Repair Carlsbad could help when I had a late night laptop nightmare! The night before Final Exams, I could not get my laptop to boot up no matter what I tried. The only clue was a message that said "Invalid System Disk." In desperation, I called at 11:30 p.m. and spoke with Sanford. He asked me if I had an external hard drive, which I had recently bought. He told me to remove the drive and try to boot up the laptop, which worked! The next day I went to the store and he changed the setting on my computer so this would not happen again. Sanford said that my computer was trying to boot from the External Hard Drive. In hindsight, I realized that I had never actually restarted my laptop since buying the External Hard Drive. I hope this helps other people with the same problem!

- Renata H.