Replace Broken Laptop Hinge



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EXPRESS Laptop Repair Surcharge ... $50 extra

For customers who need the shortest possible turn around time, we offer Express Service. Services that do not require special order parts can often be completed within 24 hours.

Laptop Hinge Replacement ... $50

This is a common repair for laptops that are opened and closed on a daily basis. Generally the laptop hinges will not fail for several years, but the hinges do eventually wear out and need to be replaced. In the case that the hinges need to replaced it is best to replace them as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the rest of the laptop.

We usually charge LESS THAN HALF of what the manufacturer charges to install a new hinge in your laptop. We only install NEW laptop hinges, unless a new hinge is not available at which time we will ask the customer if a used hinge is acceptable. For example, if HP charges $400 total for parts and labor to replace the hinge in a laptop, then we would typically charge less than $200.

We will happily install a laptop hinge provided by the customer for the same low price of $50.00, but we cannot guarantee the quality or compatibility of the part.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 3-7 days
Price Range for Common Hinges ... $50-$125

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