Laptop Motherboard Repair



Laptop Repair Carlsbad strives to give customers the best combination of low laptop repair prices, fast turn around times, and convenient hours in addition to excellent customer service.

Laptop Motherboard Repair ... $200

We can USUALLY repair the motherboard in your laptop for $200.00 total for parts and labor. The price of this repair is LESS THAN HALF of what the manufacturers usually charge for a new motherboard. For example, while we usually charge $200 to repair your laptop motherboard, Dell will often charge at least $400 total for parts and labor to replace the motherboard in your laptop. Please contact your laptop manufacturer for details.

Laptop Motherboard Repair is very time consuming. To perform the repair, the laptop must first be completely disassembled. Next, the motherboard must then be carefully removed and tested. The bad component must be identified and replaced, and then finally, the entire laptop must be reassembled and tested.

Laptop Motherboard Repair is not always possible, depending on the severity of the damage to the motherboard, and depending on what component needs to be replaced on the motherboard.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 2-5 days

Laptop Motherboard Repair ATTEMPT ... $75

Unfortunately, not all Laptop Motherboard Repairs result in a working laptop, and sometimes the motherboard is severely damaged. In this case we charge only $75 in order to cover the time that went into the laptop motherboard repair attempt.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 2-5 days

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