Install / Replace Laptop Keyboard



Laptop Repair Carlsbad strives to give customers the best combination of low laptop repair prices, fast turn around times, and convenient hours in addition to excellent customer service.

Replace Missing Laptop Keyboard Key Caps ... $25

If keys have "popped off" of the keyboard, the original keys can be usually be put back on the keyboard. In some cases new replacement Laptop Key Caps, Key Retainer Clips, or Rubber Cups must be ordered to complete the repair.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 1-2 days
Price Range for Common Key Caps, Retainer Clips, Rubber Cups ... $5-$10

Install / Replace Laptop Keyboard ... $50

In the event that a keyboard needs to be replaced, we charge $50 for labor in addition to the price of the keyboard. Customers are welcome to purchase a keyboard from a third party and only pay us for installation, but in this case we are not responsible for the quality or the compatibility of the keyboard.

Most of the time, replacing the keyboard in your laptop will fix issues such as :

1) Some of the keys on your laptop keyboard do not work at all.
2) Some characters are repeated mannnnnnnnny times even though the key is only pressed one time.
3) Characters do not correlate to the key on the laptop keyboard that was pressed. For example you may press the "x" key on the keyboard, but a different character such as "#" is displayed on the screen of your laptop.

In the event of a fluid spill in your laptop keyboard, please see our page dedicated to Laptop Fluid Spills.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 1-5 days
Price Range for MOST Laptop Keyboards ... $40-$85
For SOME Laptops the Keyboard can cost as much as ... $125

EXPRESS 24 HOUR Laptop Repair Surcharge ... $75 extra
EXPRESS 48 HOUR Laptop Repair Surcharge ... $50 extra

For customers who need the shortest possible turn around time, we offer an Express Service Upgrade. Services that do not require special order parts can often be completed within 24 hours.

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