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Computer Repair generally refers to the repair of a desktop computer, although laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and many other devices are also computers.

Compared to laptop repair, computer repair is often easier, since computers are easier to work on and the parts are often interchangeable. At Laptop Repair Carlsbad, we can repair laptops plus desktops and many other computers.

Common Computer Repairs:

Reload Operating System
is the most common computer repair for Windows Users, and should be considered to be more so maintenance than repair. For most users, the Operating System needs to be reloaded every 12-36 months, depending on internet usage and browsing habits. In general, a computer than does not go on the internet very often will not need to have the operating system reloaded as often as a computer that spends more time on the internet.

In the even that the operating system needs to be reloaded, the data on the computer can often be saved as part of the computer repair, but the applications will have to be reloaded.

Reminder: Backup your data weekly!!!

Replacing the Hard Drive in a desktop computer is one of the most common repairs that we perform. In general the hard drive failure rate for computers is anywhere from 1% to 10% annually. This means that if you have a computer for 5 years, the chances of the hard drive failing is anywhere from 5% to 50%. Obviously, this is a wide range, but that is about the best data we could find on the subject. Since the Hard Drive is one of the only moving parts in a computer, it is more likely to fail that a processor or memory. As a note, hard drive temperature does not seem to have a significant effect on failure rate. It stands to reason that the keeping the temperature constant is more important than cooling the drive unevenly. For example, it may be the case that it is better for the drive to be warm all around, than to be warm on one side but less warm on the other side that is being cooled off by a fan.

Upgrade the Operating System or even Downgrade the Operating System (from Windows Vista to Windows XP) is also common. In some cases, a computer technician will suggest an operating system upgrade in order to try and fix a software comparability issue caused by the operating system that is to be replaced. In other situations, customers simply want to try a new operating system because they "feel like trying it".

Express service is available and repairs can be done in as little as 24 hours.

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