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Apple Laptops, commonly known as MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Macbook Air account for a small percentage of the world's laptops. Apple Laptops are generally high end and more expensive to repair than Windows Laptops.

Apple Laptops are a pleasure to use, beautiful to the eye, and sheer terror to have fixed. While not all Apple Laptops are more difficult to work on than their PC counterparts, there are SEVERAL Apple Laptops that are extremely hard to take apart and put back together. Just as fantastic as it may be to have no visible screws and an uninterrupted expanse of thin metal, it is exceedingly difficult to work on some Apple Laptops for the same reasons.

Apple Laptops often cost slightly more to repair due to: expensive parts, the longer amount of time required to do the work, and the technical prowess required to properly put one back together.

The price for Apple laptop repair at Laptop Repair Carlsbad is usually much less than what the Apple Store charges.

Laptop Repair Carlsbad performs Apple Laptop Repair on a very regular basis.

Common Apple Laptop Repairs Include:

Apple Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
or Apple Laptop LCD Screen Repair (although this is a misnomer, as the LCD is not actually repaired, but instead replaced). This is usually the result of a broken LCD Screen, but may also be needed in cases where the LCD screen does not display properly. Although a scientific study has not been conducted, it seems that a large percentage of Apple laptops that need repair have a broken screen. This could be due to the fact that Apple Laptops are generally reliable, or that the Apple Laptop Screen is not very well protected from damage, or even that Apple users tend to damage the screen often.

Apple Laptop Hinge Replacement seems to be common in some Apple laptops for users who open and close the laptop on a daily basis. Generally the laptop hinges will not fail for several years, but the hinges do eventually wear out and need to be replaced. In the case that the hinges need to replaced, it is best to do so as soon as possible, to avoid further damage to the rest of the laptop.

Express service is available and repairs can be done in as little as 24 hours.

Please refer to the Menu of Services to the right for details, or call Laptop Repair Carlsbad for a FREE over the phone estimate regarding the price of repairing your Apple Laptop.

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  Apple In House Service (At Our Store)
Apple Diagnostics + Price Quote .... $49.99
Express Laptop Repair Surcharge ...... CALL

Operating System
Reload Mac Operating System ........ $99.99
Data Backup + Reload Data........... $49.99

Laptop Service Bundles
Install Operating System ........... $99.99
Install OS + Data Backup + Reload .. $149.99

Apple Data Recovery
Basic Data Recovery ................ $49.99
Advanced Data Recovery ............ $149.99

Apple Laptop Hinges

Apple Laptop Hinge Repair .......... $49.99

Laptop Component Replacement
Apple Keyboard Install ............. $49.99
Apple Touch Pad Install ............ $49.99
Apple Disc Drive Install ........... $49.99
Apple Hard Drive Install ........... $49.99

Laptop LCD Screen
Apple Laptop Screen Install ........ $49.99

Motherboard Level Repairs
Laptop Motherboard Replacement ..... $49.99
Laptop Fluid Spill Cleanup SUCCESS . $149.99
Laptop Fluid Spill Cleanup ATTEMPT . $49.99

Prices above are for labor,
parts are all priced separately.