Laptop Fluid Spill Clean Up



Laptop Repair Carlsbad strives to give customers the best combination of low laptop repair prices, fast turn around times, and convenient hours in addition to excellent customer service. Below is a list of our popular laptop repairs, as well as a brief description and typical turn around times.

Sucessful Laptop Spill Cleanup ... $200

Laptop Repair Carlsbad can clean up the fluid spill in your laptop for $200.00, and in most cases your laptop will work as normal again after this procedure.

The price of this repair is LESS THAN HALF of what the manufacturers usually charge for a new motherboard.

We charge $200 to clean the fluid that was spilled in your laptop. Dell, HP, Apple, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony and others will often charge at least $400 total for parts and labor to replace the motherboard in your laptop. Please contact your laptop manufacturer for details.

While beer, water, wine, juice, and milk spills on the keyboard of your laptop are very common, the repair itself is very time consuming. To perform the repair, the laptop must first be completely disassembled. Next, the motherboard must be removed and physically cleaned. At this time, the motherboard must be tested and then the entire laptop must be carefully reassembled.

In some cases, the spill is very small and is limited to only the keyboard, which means that the rest of the laptop may not have to be cleaned. In this case the keyboard can be replaced and the charge is only $50.00 to install a new keyboard, in addition to the price of the keyboard.

If you have spilled fluid in your laptop, do not use your laptop at all until you repair your laptop. Continued use of the laptop when in need of a spill clean up can lead to permanent damage to your laptop motherboard.

In the event of a spill, immediatly:

1) Unplug your Laptop
2) Remove the battery from your laptop
3) Put a large clean towel above the spill
4) Turn your laptop upside down so that the fluid goes into the towel
5) DO NOT use your laptop again until you can bring it in for service
6) DO NOT worry about shutting down Windows properly
7) DO NOT worry about installing Windows Updates

Many laptops that have suffered from a spill must also have the keyboard replaced in their laptop. In this event, there will be no additional charge for the installation of the new keyboard.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 2-5 days

Laptop Spill Cleanup ATTEMPT ... $75

Unfotunately, not all Spill Cleanups result in a working laptop, and sometimes the motherboard is severely damaged. In this case we charge only $75 in order to cover the time that went into the spill cleanup.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 2-5 days

EXPRESS Laptop Repair Upgrade ... $50 extra

For customers who need the shortest possible turn around time, we offer an Express Service Upgrade. Services that do not require special order parts can often be completed within 24 hours.

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